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10478596_10203769025973536_1643383293240254555_nThe first three SUP & Pub‘s have been a huge success. Many new faces, lots of strong paddling and good times with a tasty beverage following the race. The stand-up community is a welcoming bunch, so whether you have paddled for years, or just picked up your new board today – the SUP & Pub series is for you.

This week (July 22) we will put in North of OMSI at the Wasabi dock on the Eastside of the Willamette River.  We will race around three bridges for a total of approximately 2 miles. Meet up at 6pm for SUP conversation and training tips. Race begins at 6:30pm. All are welcome!Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 5.53.06 PM


Summer SUP Series

SUP ‘n Pub
The Crew at Gorge Performance is excited to announce the Summer SUP ‘n Pub Race Series beginning Tuesday, July 1st through August 19th from 6:00 – 7:30 pm. This no cost race series is designed to offer courses in various locations around Portland that will be fun and laid back for anyone who loves to SUP. You can be as competitive or carefree as you’d like. Then join us for a cold summer time beverage at a local pub near the race site.

New to SUP? No problem. You will make new friends that will be happy to share tips and expertise. If you need gear, head down to the shop and the crew will hook you up with rentals.

Be sure to like the Gorge Performance Facebook Page and the Stand Up Portland Facebook page to stay up to date on SUP ‘n Pub race locations.


The wind has been howling and we are ready! This summer, the Gorge Performance Crew is organizing the Gorge Bump ‘N Glide. Yep! The baton was passed off to the flatlanders and we are excited to get our swell on! We will meet each Sunday*, July 6 – August 17, to ride the swells of the scenic Columbia River Gorge preparing for the Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge. *We will not be doing a run on July 13th since we will be at the Oregon Open Ocean Classic

Gorge Bump-N-GlideThe BNG’s consist of downwind runs for SUPs/Outriggers/Surfskis shuttled from one point to another. BNG’s are based on wind conditions and can be started or ended anywhere in the Columbia Gorge.. The “swell rider” meeting will be at the launch site in the Gorge (TBA each Sunday) at 11 am SHARP!  Carpooling from the shop is an option and we will bring the trailer for shuttling.

Downwinders are fun but take some practice. The Bump ’n Glides are for experienced paddlers. You must be able to paddle 6-8 miles in 1.5-2 hours. If you have not done a downwinder, it is suggested that you attend a Downwind Prep class and/or Downwind Clinic with our friends at Big Winds. Mini downwinder’s can be practiced by paddling from the Hood River event site down to The Hook then continuing downriver on the south side of Wells Island, and back upriver on the north side.

Grab your boards and paddles, because the stoke is on for summer!


Inflatable SUPs winning hearts, and respect

Gear Review by Cyril Burguiere, Boardworks Team Rider

I got on the inflatable SUP band wagon this year and I’m actually asking myself why it took me so long. I love my inflatable toys! It’s true that the first generation of inflatable SUPs paddled more like a floppy inflatable mattress than a real SUP. But with the many improvements in the last couple of years, mainly in thickness (6” vs. 4”) and inner tension reinforcements, today’s inflatables are more rigid and have better shape, thus making them genuinely enjoyable to paddle.

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Board Review: Infinity Carver 9’10 Surf SUP

By Jarkko Simonen

In my search to find a SUP for surfing the Oregon coast I recently tried the Boardworks Infinity carver 9’10″. The board is marketed for “for bigger guys who are experienced SUP surfers looking to step down in size/length and step up their performance.” And, that is exactly what I was looking for.

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Neoprene saves the day!

A couple of weeks ago my good friend Tracy stopped by the shop for some warmer booties to keep her surfing addiction alive through the winter. She picked out some new boots, but then I convinced her she really ought to wear gloves, too. That wasn’t easy because Tracy despises how gloves feel and would rather suffer from the cold than have neoprene impede her paddling prowess. But alas, Tracy left with new booties and gloves and a pledge to report back on her new “session extenders.” Tracy is a straight shooter. If they sucked, she’d say so. (–Kim Rueter)


I’m hesitant to go here because none of us really want more people in the water, but winter surfing is totally doable with 2 key steps. 1) Gumption and 2) Gear. And I’m from the tropics so this was a serious transition.


I’d still paddle out in 35 degree air temps and 50 water temps but I was always limited on how long I could stay out based on how much pain my hands and feet were in. Upgrading from bare hand paddling to the trippy “liquid neoprene dipped” Rip Curl 2mm Rubber Soul gloves was genius! For $40 I’m now able to sit with my hands free instead of aching and stuck in my armpits. I got XS because I’m cursed with the perpetual hands of a 5 year old girl and they totally fit snug. I’m historically anti-gloves because they always filled up with water and become 2 lbs weights on each hand – huge fail. But these gloves are right against my skin and I can still make a fist and pull the middle finger on the regular.


Now the bootie situation is for the story books. Bonus to warm booties; cold feet suck beyond words! Drawback of warm booties; intensified need to urinate. Hey, I’d want to know. O’Neill 7mm, Heat round toe booties….I love you. I got a size a little bigger so I can wiggle my toes around. I despise the pre and post wetsuit struggle so why not make one of the steps easier? In my opinion, bigger is good for bootie size but bad for glove and wetsuit size. Water gets in the booties, but it stays warm forever (like “3 hrs in 35 degree air temps and 50 degree water temps” forever). Water will get in the gloves after an hour or so and it does not warm up. But something has to make this hard or everybody would do it.  So stop whining about the temperatures and get warm gear (or not…more waves for me!).

— by Tracy Solomon


Gear Review: Amundson TR-2

More Stability Equals More Speed

There are several boards to consider for paddlers who want to go from an all-around board to a touring board with a flatwater-optimized displacement hull. But, the minute they say, “… I think I might want to race someday” I immediately introduce them to the Amundson TR-2.

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Gorge Performance helps eFit Stand Up to NF

By Kelly Peterson, guest blogger

Thanks to Gorge Performance, eFit’s first annual Stand Up to NF event was a huge success!! Last Sunday, Gorge Performance donated the use of 33 SUP boards for the SUP Paddle relay so that we could have more than 30 four-person teams relay up and down the Willamette River on the SUP boards. Read More


Gear Review: Bark Appleby Race Pro-Elite 12’6

by Wendy McDonald

The first time I saw the Bark Appleby Race board it was easily passing me on the East side of Ross Island during a SUP race. My initial thought was, “Wow, that’s a good looking board!” My second thought was, “Why is that woman going so much faster than me when I feel like I am working twice as hard?” It was that day I realized the impact a good board for the right conditions could make and that my 11′ all-around SUP was never going to out run a true race board regardless of how hard I paddled. Not long after, I added the Appleby to my quiver and have been thrilled with it since.

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Gear Review: Sanuk Yoga Mat Sandal

By Wendy McDonald

In a hurry to replace a pair of blown out 8-year-old flip flops the day before I left on vacation, I grabbed the first black pair I found in my size on the gigantic wall ‘o flops at Gorge Performance. Flops are flops…right? Boy was I wrong. It seems not all quality sandals have to be upwards of $60 to please these piggies.

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New women’s swim and SUP-wear at Gorge

Prana and O'Neill in stock now, and Roxy Outdoor Fitness on the way.

For years (30 to be exact) Gorge Performance has been a hardcore surf shop with an emphasis on stocking a ton of surfboards and wetsuits for men and women, and less focus on apparel. Sure, boardshorts and tees for guys have been staple items at Gorge, but not much for our surfer girls. Now that flatwater SUP – a sport not requiring a full wetsuit like surfing does – has firmly staked its claim in the Gorge board-dom, it’s only natural we expand our women’s clothing selection to include functional fitness apparel intended for paddling (and surfing, yoga, rock climbing,… living!). These items are meant to move, like you do.

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