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How to build a SUP storage locker

How-To with the Gorge Crew, #1

Welcome to the all new How-To with the Gorge Crew blog category!

We’re hard at work producing several insightful How-To articles and videos which we’re certain you’ll find entertaining and informative (hopefully your standards are as low as ours).

In the meantime, you may enjoy following us step-by-step as we construct our very own SUP board storage locker. Ya never know…one day, you too may need to store 5 SUPs in an equally clever fashion.

Wow, still reading? OK! Updates will be made as the progress continues.

Step One: Create a level concrete pad to for the custom steel locker framework.

Step 2: Install the custom steel framework.

Step 3: Door fabrication. The specifics on the doors are highly classified. As you can imagine, the security features of such a locker will need to remain top secret.

That’s all for now. Please check back for updates.


One Response to 'How to build a SUP storage locker'

  1. Bren says:

    Excellent post. Any chance you guys would consider offering a board-building class for making Grain-style boards?

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