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In SUP news….

First 2012 Ross Island race date set!

We know you’re still in full-on winter mode (thanks to the recent dumping on Hood) but that doesn’t mean we’re not thinking about the SUP season ahead. Lots of new boards on the market – both to introduce the sport of SUP, and to accommodate your need for speed on the race course.

For the novice paddler, we have a new board/paddle package from Jimmy Styx called the Surge.

The Surge is a hybrid SUP specifically designed to provide novices a great performing board in a variety of water conditions. The board is plenty wide for added stability while maintaining room to grow and enjoy the sport for years to come. At only $849, the Surge is truly an affordable way to get into the sport, or a great board to add to your quiver for sharing your new pastime with friends and family.

We’re especially excited about some new boards from Surftech. The B1 Bomber is a bomb-proof board designed to withstand anything you throw at it. It will encourage you to play more, and play harder, on your SUP without it spending more time in for repairs than you spend on the water. Check this video to see what we mean.


In the race board category, Surftech introduces the Laird 14′ Race and the Jamie Mitchell 14′ Navigator. Both are light-weight, wicked fast, and just plain COOL looking. Pro models are often misleading because the pros paddling them could probably paddle a piece of plywood faster than most of us, but Bob actually first saw the Mitchell as it sped past him (paddled by an amateur paddler) on the race course at the BOP. Both boards are impressive, at any level. By the way, we happen to have one of the Lairds available to demo, but only for a short time (it’s on loan from the Surftech rep). Jump on it!

We also have new carbon race paddles in stock from our good friends at Ke Nalu. These paddles are silly light, incredibly stiff, and creatively designed for maximum efficiency.  Don’t underestimate the power of a proper race paddle…. it’s every bit as important as the craft under your feet. Yes, paddling technique plays an integral part, but stroke efficiency is critical. A good paddle will enable you to apply that technique you are working so hard to master.

Speaking of SUP racing, we just set the first date for our local 2012 Gorge Performance SUP Race Series! Mark your calendar for May 19th. This first race will be at Oaks Park with the familiar course around Ross Island. New this year will be a 2-lap long course for the Elites. We’re exploring other event sites for the June races. We’ll keep you posted.

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Enjoy the amazing weather this week!

Gorge Crew

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