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Splinters, praised by ESPN for “reviving the surf film genre”

Splinters is showing at the Clinton Street Theater February 17 - 23rd

I’ve not seen the film yet, so I’m shamelessly ripping this review from filmmakermagazine.com…

Earning the award for Documentary Feature was Adam Pesce’s Splinters, deceptively clad as a surfing film about the sport’s rise in Papua New Guineau but more pointedly an engrossing, endlessly surprising examination of social hierarchies, clan rivalries, and economic and cultural change within the region. In recent years a wave of sports films set in unusual locations have appeared at festivals—Skateistan, about skaters in Kabul, for instance, or God Went Surfing With the Devil, about Palestinian surfers—but Splinters stands out for its focus not on those bringing the sport from one culture to another, but on the culture learning to accept the sport.

The film follows several PNG surfers from the village of Vanimo as they prepare for an upcoming contest; like any good sports doc, Splinters offers up fast-talking showboaters, unassuming talents, underdogs, villains, and sudden plot twists, along with the prerequisite shots of breaking waves, skillful surfers, and sun-kissed beaches. What makes Splinters a great sports doc—and a great documentary in general—is its focus on the social structure that supports (or destroys) the surfers, and on the rapid cultural upheaval that surrounds them.

More from the official site. Here’s the trailer….


Splinters – Theatrical Trailer from SnagFilms on Vimeo.


Splinters is showing at the Clinton Street Theater February 17 – 23rd. And check this out…if you go early to the February 17th showing you can catch a free screening of Bike Smut, An evening of Short Erotic Bike Films. Really? I couldn’t find a trailer, so you’ll just have to use your imagination.


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