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SUP gear reviews: Amundson TR-X Carbon 14′

By Matthew Spencer

We’ve declared the 2013 SUP season officially open. Time to get out on the water and put those hibernating paddling muscles to work again. It’s also a great time to evaluate your gear. If you’ve been considering making a change (paddle or board) you’re in luck in terms of many, many options to choose from. Our team at Gorge has been testing boards and paddles over the last few months to provide you, our customers, with hands- and feet-on practical reviews to help you narrow your options. First up, Matt Spencer puts the 14′ Amundson TR-X through its paces. Here’s what he has to say:


The TR-X Carbon even looks fast.
Board graphics score a 10.

In a word: versatility. The TR-X is a must when considering a stable, endurance-friendly touring/race board. Amundson Design got it right with their only 14’ offering. This board can remain near the front in flat water competition, while effortlessly proving itself in bumps or the ever-present wind chop. This board has surprising acceleration, stability and functional rocker.

This board is also very well built. Some race boards on the market today compromise durability to shave weight. Amundson have found a happy medium with the TR-X coming in at a respectable 27 lbs. The durable construction, however, is overshadowed by the full carbon top sheet and killer red accents.

As an added bonus, inserts on the deck provide a great place to tie up a PFD or tasty beverage, a feature not found on race-specific boards.

Bottom line: this of one the best looking and best performing boards in the shop! Certainly worth a look, and (last I checked) a demo is available to rent.

(Bob’s 2-cents: I agree with Matt that the TR-X is a quiver-killer. This board really does perform well across a range of conditions. Amundson seem to have found a very versatile rocker outline with the TR-X. I’ve even done a downwinder in the Gorge on this board and it handled that surprisingly well.)

PROS: great looks, durable, versatile (and fast) touring/racer, really stable for a 28″ board

CONS: black deck will get hot in direct sun

Size: 14′ x 28″ x 7.25″
Volume:275 liters
Weight: 27 lbs.
MSRP: $2,195



Who’s this Matt Spencer fellow, you ask?

Matthew Spencer, Gorge Surf and SUP Team Rider
An elite SUP racer, Matt grew up in Maui, Hawaii but has lived in the PNW for 10 years. When not on the water, he can be found volunteering for Surfrider Foundation as Portland chapter chair or attending graduate classes at Portland State University. He has probably surfed or paddled more boards than anyone we know. And, consequently, he’s spent his fair share of time on the podium at SUP and surf events in the region.

Size: 6’1″
Weight: 175lbs
Volume: Thin
Tail Width: Narrow
Age: 29
Quiver: Jimmy Lewis M 14′ and he just sold his Boardworks Ohana 14′. Wonder what he’s going to race this season??


3 Responses to 'SUP gear reviews: Amundson TR-X Carbon 14′'

  1. Randall Barna says:

    I can’t say enough about the versatility and comfort of my Amundson 14′. Used it a full year now and never disappointed. I’ve used it so much in all conditions that it seems “part of me” and I wouldn’t switch to a specialized board for a downwinder. Doin’ better on the board I know and love!

  2. mike says:

    Great review. I tried it, and it really was remarkably stable for how fast it was. Which means that once conditions aren’t perfectly flat, it could be faster than tippier race boards that you can’t paddle at full effort because you’re holding back trying to balance.

    • Gorge Crew says:

      You make a good point, Mike. A fast board isn’t very fast if you’re swimming next to it. It’s always better to stay on your feet! Unless you’re a swimmer….

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