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Windjunkies get their fix from new launch

The westerlies are back and a new beach beckons!

Late last season the CGKA developed a new launch at Cascade Locks (directly across the river from Bob’s Beach in Stevenson, WA.). Blackberry Beach emerged from the nasty thorns and bushes and is the first significant new launch location in years thanks to the assistance of countless volunteers. It went from blackberries to beach and the crew at Gorge Performance are stoked to have another launch just 45 minutes from Portland, sans bridge toll!


Facilities are lacking, but you can always kite/sail over to Bob’s Beach to use the lu or grab a beer at Walking Man. Just hope the wind doesn’t die before you venture back. Click for Google Map.

If you happen to be a mountain biker you’ll love that you can turn some fast laps on the new Easy Climb trail system right next door before or after your session on the water. Serious kudos to Cascade Locks for stepping up their game to cater to our outdoor afflictions. We’re so freakin’ glad to see these positive changes instead of a casino!

Before and after pics of the launch:

blackberry-before blackberry-after
Mmmmm, that’s perdy.

Interesting fact about the ratio of kiteboarders to windsurfers… Season pass parking permit purchases (say that 10 times fast) are an important piece of data to the Port. Last year kiteboarders accounted for over 50% of the permits purchased! Let’s keep this momentum growing and cast your “kite vote” by purchasing your season pass in an effort to gain more area for pump-n-dry on the Event Site grass! Pre-season passes save you over 20% and will be available from May 1 – May 22nd.

The Gorge Performance crew would like to thank the CGKA and the kiteboarding community for their efforts at Blackberry Beach and other access improvements up and down the river. Check their calendar for events and opportunities for you to get involved!

Be Local. Buy Local.
gORge Crew

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