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SUP Launches

30 Minutes or Less from Gorge Performance

It’s easy to get in a SUP rut and paddle the same ol’ routes time and time again. Fact is, Portland is a SUPers paradise with no fewer than 13 launches within 20 mile radius of the city center. We’ve highlighted some of the more frequented launches with useful info on the parking situation, description of access and more. Hopefully this map will encourage a little exploring of our ‘hood. We’ll be adding new sites to this map, including locations beyond the 30 minute limit, so bookmark the map link and refer to it often. We welcome suggestions and comments at the end.

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Pearls of Wisdom from Chuck Patterson

by Misako Yamamoto

During the recent June heat wave, the Gorge Crew (Owners Kim and Bob Rueter, Wendy McDonald, myself, and our friend Steve) was lucky enough to enjoy a relaxed Viento to Hood river downwinder with renowned waterman and Naish ambassador, Chuck Patterson. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this former pro skier turned waterman, watch him skiing (I said skiing) into JawsRead More


Water Safety for SUP

Two recent tragedies involving stand up paddlers this past weekend should be a reminder to all of us that no matter how easy and fun SUP can be, the power and danger of water still exists. Closest to home, a 39 year-old woman died in Gold Beach, Oregon on the Checto River when her surfboard leash caught on a snag and she was trapped underwater. A 50 year-old Tampa, Florida man went missing while paddling on Saturday night. His board washed up on shore along with his wallet, car keys and cellphone.

Here are a few things to consider before you head out on your next paddle to ensure it’s not your last. Read More


3 Ways To Be Ready For Spring

Portland’s occasional sun breaks have us all dreaming about the spring stand up paddle season. The problem is many of our boards have not seen action since late last fall. You could put the board back in the water on the next sunny day and hope for the best, but why not try these three simple steps to get ready for spring.

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Danny Ching SUP workout secrets revealed!

You too can have a bod like King Ching. Someone, pass me the noodles!



How to build a SUP storage locker

How-To with the Gorge Crew, #1

Welcome to the all new How-To with the Gorge Crew blog category!

We’re hard at work producing several insightful How-To articles and videos which we’re certain you’ll find entertaining and informative (hopefully your standards are as low as ours).

In the meantime, you may enjoy following us step-by-step as we construct our very own SUP board storage locker. Ya never know…one day, you too may need to store 5 SUPs in an equally clever fashion. Read More