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Pros Ride Boards Straight Out of the Box

and 4 Other Lessons From the Pacific Paddle Games
Fresh from SUP’s biggest event of the year, the Pacific Paddle Games, our stoke level couldn’t be higher. The Gorge Crew spent the weekend in Dana Point with board makers, pro racers, recreational enthusiasts, SUP surfers and SUP fans and we can confidently say the sport of SUP is healthy and thriving. Here are a few of our take-aways from four days immersed in all things stand up paddle.

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Dragon Goggle APX

Double Wide Vision

For the rider looking for unmatched wide-angle peripheral vision, the industry-leading APX sets the standard in snow goggle performance. Styling, comfort, performance and easy lens interchangeability make the APX a Gorge rider favorite. (Also available in APXS for those of you with smaller domes)

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Indo Board Original

Did you know there is a way to improve your balance, sharpen your riding skills and stay fit, without heading to the beach, mountain or river? Indo Board lets you work it all from your living room. Read More


North Pacific Surfboards

If you surf in the Northwest, why not ride something made in the Northwest. Better yet, how about made in Hood River and glassed in Portland. You can’t get any more home grown than that.  Read More


Crab Grab

Almost Better Than Bindings

Crab Grab makes fantastic traction and they look pretty sweet too. They’re a small family business located in Bend, Oregon, making quality traction in various shapes and sizes (though we are partial to the mini claws & the seaweed.) Read More


Ke Nalu Elite Stand Up Paddles

Stronger, Lighter, Faster

If you are looking to upgrade your stand up paddle experience, your paddle is the best place to start. A stronger and lighter paddle not only enables you to paddle faster for longer, but it means less wear and tear on your body (and isn’t that one of the reason’s you started SUP’ing in the first place.) Read More


Go Pro Hero 4

What can be said that hasn’t been said, or should we say shown, about the Hero 4. The videos and still captured by GoPro athletes around the world are capturing us on a daily basis. Read More


Prolite Josh Kerr Quick Strike Double Day Bag

The Double Day Bag is Rory’s first pick. It accommodates 2 boards for those quick day strikes so you are ready for anything. Read More


Channel Islands Surf Pack

Surfing in Oregon isn’t as easy for us as it is for some of our tropical friends. When we surf, we have stuff –  like wetsuits, hoods, booties, gloves, flannels, beanies, you get the idea. So instead of dropping your stuff on the trail to the beach, or letting your wetsuit drip down your legs on the way back to the car, invest in a Channel Islands Dry Pack.

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Freestyle Watches

Marketing companies will have you believe your time piece is a status symbol and they are happy to sell you a $2ooo watch to let everyone know you’re a surfer. We look at things a bit differently. Read More


Expencive Porno Movie

Googling this one at work may not be the wisest career move, but trust us, it’s worth risking your job. As a matter of fact, why not invite the IT guys over to watch Expensive Porno Movie with you?

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Hippy Tree Wovens

We are known around town as a hard core surf shop, but occasionally we like to show our softer side. Like our sherpa lined side, or our 100% combed cotton side.

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Downwind Board Test – Dennis Pang 12’6

Board Review by Misako Yamamoto

14 foot boards tend to dominate the downwind lineup. But the reality is, a 12’6 can perform just as well and be easier to manage in the wind. We asked our friend Misako to take the 12’6 Dennis Pang for a run to give us some feedback for how a 12’6 can perform in the Gorge. Here’s what she discovered….

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Inflatable SUPs winning hearts, and respect

Gear Review by Cyril Burguiere, Boardworks Team Rider

I got on the inflatable SUP band wagon this year and I’m actually asking myself why it took me so long. I love my inflatable toys! It’s true that the first generation of inflatable SUPs paddled more like a floppy inflatable mattress than a real SUP. But with the many improvements in the last couple of years, mainly in thickness (6” vs. 4”) and inner tension reinforcements, today’s inflatables are more rigid and have better shape, thus making them genuinely enjoyable to paddle.

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Board Review: Infinity Carver 9’10 Surf SUP

By Jarkko Simonen

In my search to find a SUP for surfing the Oregon coast I recently tried the Boardworks Infinity carver 9’10”. The board is marketed for “for bigger guys who are experienced SUP surfers looking to step down in size/length and step up their performance.” And, that is exactly what I was looking for.

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Neoprene saves the day!

A couple of weeks ago my good friend Tracy stopped by the shop for some warmer booties to keep her surfing addiction alive through the winter. She picked out some new boots, but then I convinced her she really ought to wear gloves, too. That wasn’t easy because Tracy despises how gloves feel and would rather suffer from the cold than have neoprene impede her paddling prowess. But alas, Tracy left with new booties and gloves and a pledge to report back on her new “session extenders.” Tracy is a straight shooter. If they sucked, she’d say so. (–Kim Rueter)

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