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2012 Dakine Rashgaurd & O’Neil Farmer John

By Wendy McDonald

Remember the El Camino? Truck bed in the back, car in the front. I never thought it was a good looking vehicle, but I always admired it for trying to take the best from both rides. I am relying on that dual-purpose concept from Chevy for my fall paddling gear, but unlike the iconic 70’s ride, Dakine and O’Neill got the looks right. Mix and match these two items with your board shorts or wear them solo, it works!

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“You Got Fins to the Left and Fins to the Right…”

I really don’t think Jimmy Buffet was thinking about stand up paddle boarding with his 1979 hit “Fins” but the collection at the Gorge Performance shop is certainly song-worthy.

If you are paddling around with the stock fin your board came with, it is time to consider your options.

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New Kialoa Challenges What You Think About Adjustable Paddles

Posted by Wendy McDonald

If you are looking for a new paddle or considering adding an adjustable paddle to you stockpile, the LeverLock adjustable system from Kialoa is worth investigating. Over one and a half years in the making this concept has some great innovation .

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2012 Riviera Voyager 12’6″

Entry-level SUPs just keep getting better.

We’re excited about this new SUP from Riviera, the 12’6 Voyager. This is a great flat water cruiser that is beginner-friendly by design (box rails for stability), but its hull shape is quite advanced in terms of displacement and glide performance. Great for true newbs and/or paddlers interested in touring or racing. At $1099, it’s quite reasonable. Add a quality paddle and you’re set for the season. Here’s what Riviera have to say about it…

Maybe you know someone who would be interested in this? Feel free to share! We’ll have a few in stock next week.

Gorge Crew


New favorite beer

Posted by Kim Rueter

To be honest, it’s not fair to claim I’ve discovered a “new” favorite beer. I never had an “old” favorite beer. Living in the NW we’re spoiled with so many good beers it’s really tough to single one out. But that has all changed for me….. I’m in love.

Our friends at Kona Brewing left a very nice “tip” for their SUP rentals the other day (yes, they were SUPing in JANUARY!). Had it not been for this generous variety pack gesture, I may not have discovered the Kona Koko Brown.

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Fresh markdowns for fresh tracks

No news like SNOW news!

Now is a GREAT time to pull the trigger on a new snowboard and/or outerwear. It just so happens this new snow on the way coincides with fresh markdowns on tons of 2012 gear!

With the exception of Lib Tech and Gnu boards, ALL other snowboards are 20% off!!! This includes Burton, Jones, Arbor, K2, DC, and Atomic. Been thinking about a split board? YES! How about a new freestyle park board? YES! Or maybe a new pow board from Jones? YES, YES! At 20% off, those thoughts seem less sinful ;-)

In addition to boards, we have our high-end boots (over $250) at 20% off (from Burton, Nike, DC and Salomon), and bindings from Union, Flow and Flux at 20% off. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!  All 2012 outerwear (A.K., Bonfire, Nike, Rip Curl, Analog) is at least 20% off! And all 686 (including their kickass “Smarty” pants) are a full 30% off! Are we crazy – winter is just getting started!

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Early bird gets the board.

2012 Preseason snowboard sale on now!

As reliable as the birds flying south for the winter, each October Gorge Performance transforms back into a snowboard shop. New inventory is arriving daily. Stop in to see the new offerings from Lib, Gnu, Burton, Union, Flow, Flux, Nike boots, 686, DC, Bonfire, Spy, Analog, Anon. We know some of you can hardly stand to wait for the white stuff. To reward you for your enthusiasm we’re offering all 2012 hard goods and apparel at 10% off now through October 15th.

Rob pulled a few items from the new crop to wet your appetite…

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LF Kite Demo Day on Sunday, Sept 4

New 2012 kite gear is arriving! What???!

It’s true. Liquid Force just handed us new 2012 demo kites to try out. We thought we’d share the love and invite some of our friends (that’s you) to come play too.

Justin and Brian will be at Stevenson, Washington this Sunday Sep. 4th at 1:00 to hook you up with the 2012 Liquid Force NRG, Nirvana and Envy kites. Don’t miss this chance to get ‘em in your hands and give us some feedback!

Hope to see you all there. In the meantime, this promo vid from LF will do more than wet your appetite…


Carver skateboard review

Why only ride your skate when you can surf your skate?

Guest Author: Marcus Mead

About the author: Surfer (skater in this case), 37 years old. 6’2”/180lbs. Surfing since age 10. I ride shortboards and fishes. Skated as a youngster, was never any good. Acquired a Carveboard about 10 years ago. Really liked the Carveboard for reproducing the surfing feeling; weight distribution, body rotation, balance etc. Found that the Carveboard needs a wide road and a fairly steep hill and does not like manhole covers laid out in turns. Got a standard skateboard a few years ago as there was a new Dreamland skatepark at my office parking lot. I’m not a competent (or confident) enough skater to even drop in. I rolled in went up a few feet and practiced surfing-style turns and body articulation.

Desires: Reproduce a surfing turn on the street. I want to practice surfing when not surfing.

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