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February 2016 Race Board Demo

Team Gorge took to the water on February 6th at Vancouver lake to preview some of the 2016 SUP race boards as well as compare a few favorites from 2015. Flat water and moderate temperatures made for ideal testing conditions. Read More


Pros Ride Boards Straight Out of the Box

and 4 Other Lessons From the Pacific Paddle Games
Fresh from SUP’s biggest event of the year, the Pacific Paddle Games, our stoke level couldn’t be higher. The Gorge Crew spent the weekend in Dana Point with board makers, pro racers, recreational enthusiasts, SUP surfers and SUP fans and we can confidently say the sport of SUP is healthy and thriving. Here are a few of our take-aways from four days immersed in all things stand up paddle.

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Pearls of Wisdom from Chuck Patterson

by Misako Yamamoto

During the recent June heat wave, the Gorge Crew (Owners Kim and Bob Rueter, Wendy McDonald, myself, and our friend Steve) was lucky enough to enjoy a relaxed Viento to Hood river downwinder with renowned waterman and Naish ambassador, Chuck Patterson. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this former pro skier turned waterman, watch him skiing (I said skiing) into JawsRead More


Board Review: Infinity Carver 9’10 Surf SUP

By Jarkko Simonen

In my search to find a SUP for surfing the Oregon coast I recently tried the Boardworks Infinity carver 9’10”. The board is marketed for “for bigger guys who are experienced SUP surfers looking to step down in size/length and step up their performance.” And, that is exactly what I was looking for.

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Gear Review: Bark Appleby Race Pro-Elite 12’6

by Wendy McDonald

The first time I saw the Bark Appleby Race board it was easily passing me on the East side of Ross Island during a SUP race. My initial thought was, “Wow, that’s a good looking board!” My second thought was, “Why is that woman going so much faster than me when I feel like I am working twice as hard?” It was that day I realized the impact a good board for the right conditions could make and that my 11′ all-around SUP was never going to out run a true race board regardless of how hard I paddled. Not long after, I added the Appleby to my quiver and have been thrilled with it since.

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SUP gear reviews: Amundson TR-X Carbon 14′

By Matthew Spencer

We’ve declared the 2013 SUP season officially open. Time to get out on the water and put those hibernating paddling muscles to work again. It’s also a great time to evaluate your gear. If you’ve been considering making a change (paddle or board) you’re in luck in terms of many, many options to choose from. Our team at Gorge has been testing boards and paddles over the last few months to provide you, our customers, with hands- and feet-on practical reviews to help you narrow your options. First up, Matt Spencer puts the 14′ Amundson TR-X through its paces. Here’s what he has to say: Read More


School’s In For Summer

We all have friends who want to try SUP. We run into people on the water who say “That looks fun!” or “Is that hard to do?” or the typical “Isn’t it cold?” Now there is a way for you to share your love for SUP without your $2k race board bumping into the dock as you stand nervously on the shore. Send them to Gorge Performance for a stand up paddle lesson. The Gorge Crew has been busy this spring perfecting their techniques and becoming certified ASI instructors.

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Justin Snodgrass is not a longboarder, but he plays one on TV

Words by Kim Rueter. Photos by Paul Snodgrass.

Team GP was well represented this last weekend at the Cape Kiwanda Longboard Classic in Pacific City. Gorge employees Brock, Justin and Mitch ignored the ominous forecast and headed to PC for a weekend of contest fun. Unfortunately, I couldn’t be there to cheer the guys on, but Justin’s dad, Paul, was there and captured some nice photos (he also surfed in the contest). This post is not intended to be a complete event recap, but more of a victory salute to one of our own Gorge employees and perpetually stoked surfer, Justin Snodgrass.

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Redemption Day

As told by Maria Randle, Team Gorge SUP

I always expect a lot from myself whether it’s being a mom, friend, lover, daughter, or the work I do. I tend to give more than 100% in everything I do. Having been fairly athletic since I was a young girl, I enjoy taking on new challenges and expect to do fairly well and improve each time I try. That’s why redemption was so sweet at the 2nd annual Oregon Open Ocean Race.

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Representing at the Ta-Hoe Nalu Paddle Festival

As told by Kim Rueter.

This past weekend, Bob, the kids and I headed to Lake Tahoe for the Ta-Hoe Nalu Paddle Festival. We had three objectives for the trip: for Bob to participate in a top rated SUP event without embarrassing himself; talk with industry folk (it’s like a mini-trade show); and have a fun family vacation. I also had a fourth objective…to ride my bike the 72 miles around the lake. We succeeded on all accounts and had one hell of a fun time doing it.

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Team GP Stood for Something

Team GP took to da Hood to support a great cause.

The annual Tenacity Games (formally known as Kite & SUP 4 Cancer) took place July 8-9 in Hood River. The grueling 8-mile downwind race from Viento to Hood River was on Friday and the course race and team relay took place on Saturday. Congrats to Team Gorge with another dominating performance from Cyril (two wins), Matt, Dino, Bob and Maria.

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