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Carver skateboard review

Why only ride your skate when you can surf your skate?

Guest Author: Marcus Mead

About the author: Surfer (skater in this case), 37 years old. 6ā€™2ā€/180lbs. Surfing since age 10. I ride shortboards and fishes. Skated as a youngster, was never any good. Acquired a Carveboard about 10 years ago. Really liked the Carveboard for reproducing the surfing feeling; weight distribution, body rotation, balance etc. Found that the Carveboard needs a wide road and a fairly steep hill and does not like manhole covers laid out in turns. Got a standard skateboard a few years ago as there was a new Dreamland skatepark at my office parking lot. Iā€™m not a competent (or confident) enough skater to even drop in. I rolled in went up a few feet and practiced surfing-style turns and body articulation.

Desires: Reproduce a surfing turn on the street. I want to practice surfing when not surfing.

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