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Why we love the Bic Core 148

This is a great board for lightwind sailing or bigger sailors. It's fast, manoeuvrable and easy to ride.

It’s the ideal choice for riders looking to buy their first board that will enable them to improve their speed, their jibing, and have fun in light to moderate winds.

The Core series is aimed at windsurfers looking for good value at a good price. They come with a fun guarantee, backed up by years of windsurf experience. These boards have proven their worth in all sorts of conditions and their versatility has been well noted in all the magazine tests. Made from Thermoformed Glass Composite, they've got great stiffness and even better resistance to knocks on rocks.

Kids can windsurf too!

Chinook offers a Junior Glide Kid Rig Two Sail Package. The rig is so light that kids become comfortable light wind sailors in the first hour or two. Includes 2-Sails, 2pc alloy mast, Chinook kid boom, 1-Bolt Mechanical Mast Base, extension, uphaul. 1.0-1.5 or 2.0-2.5 package, all for $350!

Masts, bases and booms, oh my

We have a whole wall of windsurf accessories and hardware. We stock the Chinook carbon Big Wave and Slalom booms, the Comp Alumimum booms, skinny and standard mast base extentions, and oh so much more. Chinook makes the best designed, best built (in the USA!) products available.

Used boards and sails

Check out our used board inventory. We just might have what you're after!

Questions, comments? Ask Bob



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Questions, comments? Ask Bob  


Windsurfing is where it all began for Gorge Performance in 1983. From beginner to expert sailor, we have all the gear you'll need.

We also have used equipment for sale. Click here for some closeout and demo board specials.


Naish, Mistral, Fanatic, F2, Starboard

Naish, Gaastra, Hot Sails Maui

Da Kine, Chinook, Fiberspar, Windsurfing Hawaii, No Limitz




SALE - New Boards in stock!




'07 Naish Wave 240cm x 52.5cm, 69L $999
'06 Naish Wave 244cm x 53cm, 79L $999


Mistral SLE (used) 279cm x 53.3cm, 90L $249
Mistral Custom (used) 284c x 59cm, 115L $499
'07 Mistral Syncro 245cm x 59cm, 92L $995
'08 Starboard Futura 244cm x 68.5cm, 111L $995
'08 Starboard Futura Demo 245.5cm x 76cm, 133 $995
'06 F2 Stoke 250cm x 64.5cm, 117L $895
'06 F2 Stoke 250cm x 62.5cm, 107L $895
'01 F2 Maui Wave (yes, it's new) 8'6", 91L $495
Bic Vivace 270cm x 54.6cm $150
Hi-Tech MDC Lite 289cm x 58.4cm $195
Real Wind Wave Trigger Pro 254cm x 50.8cm $350


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