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Tel: 503-246-6646

Address: 7400 SW Macadam Ave. Portland, OR 97219



About Us – Shop Info

Driving Directions

We are located on Macadam Ave., 1/8 of a mile south of Willamette Park and a 1/4 mile north of the Sellwood Bridge. The shop is on the river side of Macadam, at the intersection of Taylors Ferry and Macadam Ave. You cannot see the front entrance of the shop from Macadam, but you can see our street sign. We're just north of AutoWerks Body Shop (we share the same entrance from Macadam). You'll probably just use maps on your phone, but if you follow the instructions below you'll learn the "back way" trick.

Approaching from the south on Macadam Ave. (i.e. from Lake Oswego or after crossing the Sellwood bridge)

Getting to the shop from the south is easy...simply turn right into the parking lot just past AutoWerks. Circle around the big tin shed in the middle of the parking lot and you'll see our front entrance. When leaving the shop: exiting via the "back alley" to the Miles St. traffic light, especially if you need to head southbound back to the Sellwood bridge or to Lake Oswego.

See map below. The yellow arrows show the best options described above. The shop is indicated with the red "A" marker.

Approaching from the North (i.e. from Portland downtown or southbound I-5)

From I-5 southbound take the Macadam/HWY 43 exit #299A (immediately after crossing the Marquam bridge). Follow signs to Lake Oswego (shuffle to the right lane) after exiting I-5 or you will end up back on the freeway! Continue southbound on Macadam for 2 miles.

If you are coming from downtown (SW or SE), please consult GPS or Google maps with directions to Macadam Ave (HWY 43). There are just too many options to possibly cover them all. The following instructions assume you can find your way to Macadam Ave.

Getting to our shop from the north is tricky since there is no left turn allowed at the intersection of Macadam and Taylors Ferry, nor is a left turn off of Macadam across two lanes of traffic (and double yellow lines) a good idea. We suggest you take the Taylors Ferry exit (Zupan's grocery store will be on your right) and then take a left BEFORE merging onto Taylors Ferry. This will give you eastbound access to Taylors Ferry and a nice safe crossing with a traffic light over Macadam onto Miles St.

Next you'll right turn onto the gravel road at the stop sign. This will give you back-alley access to the shop. This "back way" approach also applies to folks coming down Taylors Ferry. Don't turn right on Macadam, rather cross over Macadam at the light and follow the instructions from Miles Street above. 

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