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SUP Demos

SUP Demos

Gorge Performance has dozens of demo boards available for our customers to test ride through our demo/rental program. Demo'ing boards is a great way to dial in your board spec preferences before making a purchase. 

The list below represents (most of) the stand up paddleboards we have available to try out. This list of boards does tend to change frequently, so not a bad idea to call for availability. We do eventually sell off our demo boards and you can browse all Used SUPs here

Bonus: 50% of your demo rental receipts (up to $100) will apply towards purchase of a new SUP. 

DEMO Race and Touring Boards:

V3 Carbon 14'0 x 25.5

404 V3 Carbon 14'0 x 24

Amundson TR 12'6 x 29"

Bark Vapor Pro Elite 14'0

Bic World Series Tracer 12'6 x 27"

Bic World Series Tracer 14'0 x 28"

Fanatic Falcon 14'0 x 26.75"

Lahui Kai Manta 12'6 x 27"

Lahui Kai Manta 14'0 x 26"

NSP DC 12'6 x 25

NSP DC Flatwater Deep 14'0 x 24"

NSP DC Ninja 14'0 x 25" 

NSP DC Ocean Race 14'0 x 25"

Riviera RP 14'0 x 27"

RIviera RP 14'0 x 25"

Riviera RP 12'6 x 26"

Riviera RP Youth 11'0

Starboard All Star Carbon 14'0 x 25" 

Starboard Sprint Carbon 14'0 x 25" 

Starboard Sprint AST 14'0 x 24" 

Starboard Touring AST 12'6" x 31.5"



Boardworks Minimod 9'1

Naish Hokua 9'5

NSP DC 8'10

NSP DC 8'2

Riviera Boss 10'0

Riviera Whirling Dervish 8'6


DEMO Inflatable SUPs:

RED Ride 9'8
RED Exlorer+ 13'2
Riviera 12'6
Jimmy Styks Puffer 11'2
NSP 12'0
Boardworks Raven 12'6
Boardworks Shubu 10'6
Starboard Race 14'0 x 28"
Bic SUP Air 12'6
Bic SUP Air 10'6