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Surfboard Demos and Performance Rentals

Gorge Performance has several demo surfboards available for our customers to test ride through our demo/rental program. These boards are avaiable to experienced surfers only. 

Demo board rate: $25 per day.

This list of boards does tend to change frequently, so not a bad idea to call for availability.


LibTech Lost Puddle Jumper 5’6”

LibTech Lost Round Nose Fish Redux 6'0"

Colt Surfboards 5’8”

Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto 5’10”

Channel Islands Torq Pod Mod 5’10”

LibTech Lost Puddle Jumper 5’11”

7 Surfboards Slipstream 5’11”

LibTech Ringer 6’2”

LibTech Extension Ramp 6’6


Longboards and mid-lengths

Takayama In The Pink Tuflite 9'0"

Stewart Redline 11 9'0"

North Pacific 7’2”

North Pacific 7’10”

North Pacific 9’0”

Torq 7’6”