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Winter sale from SIC and Riviera!

SIC sale! 30% off list price 2015 boards including 12'6 inflatable, Bullets, V2, Xprolite, Xpro, X14 29 and Battle paddles too. This puts boards under $2000 and the inflatable at only $899. Limited time offer and must pick up at GP.

Riviera RP 14’ Downwinder: reg. $1700.00, sale $995.00 (plus used demo board for sale $895)
Riviera RP 14 Downwinder Carbon/Innegra: reg. $2650.00, sale $1995.00
Riviera 12’6 Voyager: reg. $1100.00, sale $879.00
Riviera 12’6 Voyager Classic: reg. $1500.00, sale $1199.00 (demo for sale $699.00)
Riviera 12’6 Ron House Coastal Cruiser: reg. $1775.00, sale $1199.00
Riviera 14’ Ron House Coastal Cruiser: reg. $1975.00, sale $1199.00 (demo for sale $995)
Riviera 10’6/11’6 Original: reg. $950.00, sale $699.00
Riviera 9’2 Nugg: reg. $950.00, sale $699.00
Riviera 9’2 Nugg Turbo: reg. $1175.00, sale $939.00

2016 Willamette SUP: Mark your calendar! April 17th we'll be back at George Rogers Park in Lake Oswego for another fun W'SUP CUP! More info...

Follow these links to view items online. We try to keep our SUP inventory current, but stopping in to see for yourself is always best!

USED SUPS: Click to browse Used Stand Up Paddle Boards

Demo boards (many are 2015 models and are for SALE, marked accordingly)

Demo boards are available for prospective buyers to try out a particular board design before they buy. While we don't have every model available to demo, we do have every basic board design/length/width represented to help you with your purchasing decision.

14' x 27" Naish Glide $1,295
12'6 x 26" Starboard All Star Carb/Glass $1,095
14'0 x 25" Starboard All Star Carbon $1,795
14' Starboard Ocean Race Carbon $995
12'6 Lahui Kai Manta $1,495
14' Boardworks Eradicator $1,695
14' Amundson TRT $1,195
14 x 26" NSP DC Ocean Race $1,495
12'6 x 25" NSP DC Ocean Race $1,495
14' x 26" Riviera Downwind $995

Demo Surf SUPs
8'10 NSP DC $799
9'5 Naish Mana
9'5 Naish Hokua
9'10 Naish Hokua
10'4 SIC
10'6 and 11'6 Rivi $699

Did you know? We do expert SURFBOARD & SUP Ding Repairs
Call, or better yet, bring your board by for a free estimate. Most repairs done within a week or two.  

One question we get is do you need a race board to race?

The answer is no! Most SUP events have distances for all levels of SUP experience and equipment. The longer distance races will often have board class categories, but even they are just length limits, not board type restrictions. But...a true flat water race/touring board does have its advantages over an all-around (surf) style board or an inflatable SUP. The two most significant differences come from increased speed and superior tracking. If you've never paddled a touring (displacement hull) board, you at least owe it to yourself to give it a try. We have a nice variety of demo boards available to rent for just that purpose. Stop in and let's see what interests you.

SUP lessons for beginners, and anyone looking to paddle better, smarter....and faster!

It's true, paddling a stand up board isn't overly complicated. Most people have no problem hopping on a board and having a great time cruising around. But there is a ton of technique to be learned if you want to paddle powerfully and efficiently. At Gorge, we've been teaching SUP lessons since 2010. We've refined an effective teaching method that will have you paddling proficiently and safely in just one 90 minute lesson. Check out this blog post to help you understand how and why our lessons are different.

Wondering where to SUP in Portland?

We've compiled a handy guide of ideal SUP launches within 30 minutes of Gorge Performance.

Some other great areas include Hagg Lake, Estacada Lake, Lost Lake, Timothy lake, Camas and Washougal on the Columbia, Sauvie Island, and numerous locations in the Gorge, just to name a few. If you have questions about locations we recommend you ask them in the Stand Up Portland Facebook group. The regulars in this group really get around.

USED SUPs. View our selection of used stand up paddle boards. Sellers, we have the best consignment program in the world. Yes, that's a big claim.

SUP Rentals: Why not rent a board and see for yourself what the buzz is all about. Boards are available for rent by the day or 3hrs. Go to our Rentals page for more info.

We also demo several boards to give experienced paddlers a nicer rental fleet to choose a great way to research board styles when you're looking to make a purchase.


The stand up paddle is a critical piece of equipment for obvious reasons, but as your skills improve, the subtle difference of a *nice* paddle become more apparent. There are paddles designed for the surf, and those for flat water, and all-rounders. Unless it is an adjustable paddle, the paddles come un-cut and ready to be sized to fit you (a service we offer). A properly sized paddle will be as tall as your wrist with your arm extended above your head. Be sure to get a blade paddle cover for your new baby.

We carry a range of stand up paddles from several manufacturers, including Ke Nalu, Kialoa, SIC, Puakea, Hippo Stick, Aquaglide, QuickBlade and Werner. We know paddles. Stop in and let us help you make the right choice.

Inflatable SUPs, better than you might think. If fit-in-your-trunk portability and durability are high priority, this is your answer. Great for any SUP quiver, an inflatable SUP makes for a great second (or fifth) board to have on hand to teach friends, play in river rapids, and take on vacation.

Protect your paddle! We all try to be careful with our paddles when paddling, but honestly, our paddles are at most risk of damage when NOT on the water. Paddles are subjected to all kinds of abuse when in transport and in storage. We have some nice Gorge padded blade covers in stock as well as some full paddle socks from DaKine. It's a minor expense to protect your investment.


Our Facebook Group, Stand Up Portland, is a great way to connect with us on all things SUP. Join us!

Learn to SUP!

SUP is the ideal fitness sport, adventure hobby and family activity all in one. How else can you get in shape while having the most fun you've ever had at 4 miles per hour?

While flatwater SUP is not difficult, a lesson is the best way to ensure you learn about the equipment, adopt proper technique, and practice safe SUP from the get-go. Check our SUP lessons page for more info.


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'SUP, Yo!

Stand up paddle boarding (a.k.a. SUP) is growing in popularity around the world with a fury. Why? Because you can paddle anywhere there's water: oceans, lakes and rivers. That's a lot of options. Whether for fitness, exploring, quality family time or all-out racing, there are so many fun ways to experience SUP. Portlanders have it good when it comes to quality paddling... we have a river running right through the heart of the city, the world famous Columbia Gorge and mountain lakes nearby, and of course the ocean is only 90 miles away.

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